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Brandon Barker owner of CrossFit Fox Valley
Our founder

Brandon Barker

Brandon started his fitness business in April of 2010. He began his journey training youth athletes, provided strength & conditioning services for a local high school for almost 10 years, and worked with hundreds of athletes each year. In 2013 the focus of the business started to shift to small group fitness for parents & adults following boot camp style programming. In 2018 he realized HIIT and boot camp style programming was simply not enough and was cutting his members and clients short. He found CrossFit methodology to be one of, if not the most, effective means of programming for general fitness, youth sports training, as well as the sport of fitness. He has not looked back since and plans to continue to improve the gym by continuously improving the atmosphere for his members, continued education for his coaches as well as himself, and promises to always actively listen to both his coaches and members.

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